Watching entertainment movies can have a positive effect on your life

 The fact that those dramatic films had greater positive effects does not mean that people cannot find meaning in even more entertaining films, say the researchers. The scientists asked the participants to select up to three values ​​from a list of 16 that they saw represented in the film they were asked to remember. Some of these values ​​included "personal fulfillment and success," "love and intimacy," and "courage and boldness." Participants then assessed the personal importance of each value. It was found that people felt better able to understand the difficulties in their own lives when they remembered a film that focused on values ​​that were important to them. This happened even when the film was ranked second on the list as one of the less significant films. The researchers conclude that movies can be more than just entertainment; some of them can help people cope better with difficult times in their lives, better understand life and the world, and